Gold Bar

Sold out $12.00

Sold individually. Surgical stainless steel 14k gold flat backs meant to be worn safely 24/7. Tarnish resistant. These flat backs will last you years depending on your care for them and how often you wear them.

When picking a post length, if you are unsure of your size, I suggest ordering both. If you have bought flat backs from me before and they are the perfect fit, you'll be fine with the 6mm. If you need a bit longer, 8mm is what you should go with! These can also be worn in the nose! I'm sure those with a nose piercing know their length! I Trust you.

I have lowered gauge sizes making them hopefully more accommodating to both hollow needle piercings and gun piercings, (Claire's). If yby chance these do not fit, you may want to reconsider getting your piercing redone, I suggest with a hollow needle by a trained professional. Think of it as an investment in your ears comfort. Wink wink.

You don't know love until you pop in a flat back and realize no, you don't have to be stabbed in the head all day and night.