Beaded Stacker


Sterling silver stacker!

These rings are made to be passed down generations.

* **Please note your size in the note section upon checking out, this is the last step of checking out.
Please use either name of rings with size or short working coordinating with ring names with size. (Ring names located just above note area for easy glance.)

Example: Agate 7, Navajo 8.5

Please keep in mind our fingers fluctuate for many reasons so if measuring, please measure at a not too hot nor too cold temperature as well as making sure you're not swelling.

Please allow 7 business days for shipping information to be sent.

No returns will be excepted on stackers.

No resizing available.

That said, I wear many rings 24/7 and lots of them take turns on different fingers throughout the year as the seasons change and my body fluctuates. I have sizes 5-9 and sometimes the 9 falls off and sometimes I can't get it off. My 8 will rotate to my 7 finger occasionally and my 7.5 to my 8 finger. So what I'm trying to say is buy a lot of rings. 🤍